Elements Culmyca

Annual Techno-cultural fest of YMCAUST,Faridabad

As young blood we are never satiated,there is always a fire that burns our soul.We are audacious,we are curious,we are rebellious and we are passionate!

YMCAUST salutes the invincible streak in you and invites you to celebrate your energy.So pack your bags and get ready to set the stage ablaze because this time we conspire to Revolutionise the cosmos..


Coding & Fun

By Manan - A Techno Surge

" This time the revolution should come through your code ".If you love spending most of your time on coding & developing rather than on facebook & twitter then this is the place for you!!!Ranging from events like "Code Geass" & "Codemyca" for competetive programmers to events like "Zenith"for experienced developers. We have a mixed bag of events for you. Get ready to enthrall us with your presence!!


Literary & Debates

By Ananya Club

"Creativity resides in our core Ideas we bleed,imaginations we pour". Ananya-The Unparalleled is the literary and debating society of YMCAUST.An arena of passionate debators,prolific writers and vivified spirits..Ananya continues to be an eminent part of Elements Culmyca every year.Do join us this year to witness how the conventional "alphabets" take a revolutionary shape!!


Arts Events

By Srijan club

We encourage the students to let their imaginations run wild and provide them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from each other and share their experiences in different aspects of arts.This year too we intend to create memories out of events like graffiti and rang barse.So do join us to paint your heart out!!



By Vividha

We "Act"....we "Dance"....we "Sing"....we love to do all kinds of "Nautanki" and we love it when people say "Wah!Kya bat h Vividha wale lgte ho?".We are "Vividha" and through all this we attempt to display "Vivid Colors of Life..".This year prepare yourselves for more nautanki,greater fun and lots and lots of entertainment.Do join us @culmyca15 where we come together to redefine Revolution!!


Mechanical & robotics

By MechNext Club

Mechnext is a club dedicated to mechanical engineering students of the university. It's here, that seeds of lecturing are sown by those experienced and erudite, nurtured by the interested and novice, pruned by minute yet unprecendented errors and harvested in competitions all over India.


Electronics & Fun

By Microbird Club

If grade points were a measure of your engineering mind then R.I.P engineers!! We at microbird give you the perfect platform to test your brilliance for real. We lend feathers to thoughts and let them rise above the mere guided texts of books. Come join us at elements culmyca 2k15 , where we help you unchain your caged dexterity in manner you won't be disappointed.



By Jhalak-The imaginarium

Every revolution begins with a snap. You dont take a snap,you just make it.Feel eyes like a shutter & mind like a lens the camera is your tool,make it your instrument that will teach the people how to see without a Camera.So,find the panorama,"picasa" it up and finally build a MEMOIR.


Musicical Extravaganza

By Tarannum

"Music reaches the soul of a person" We at YMCA are giving a shout out to all the melodious souls to participate in our euphonious fiesta - The Battle of Bands, the soulful Hymns, the classical music event- Swaraanchal, the melodious- Encore and the Underground Music Movement!!



By Nataraja

"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having".Does dancing make you happy & carefree? Dance to the rhythm of your heart, and you will experience happiness like never before. It does not matter whether you like jazz or jive or salsa or folk. What matters is that your heart loves to dance.Gather spirit,load it with enthusiasm and jump onto the dance floor awaiting only for you.


Electricals & Electronics

By Samarpan

We are mainly a tech organizing body and we conduct tech related competitions & workshops through the year. So basically,we're the people who sit up all night hammering out problem statements for you to crack. All these are carefully selected targeting students of all years. Our aim is to foster tech @ YMCA and to have a lot of fun doing it. So together, lets WONDER, THINK and CREATE!


Star Night

On 27th March

"Soch" fame Hardy Sandhu is coming for Star Night in Elements Culmyca ' 15
Venue:-YMCA grounds
Sponsored By:- YMCA Mob